Information Security Policy


To define the basic rules and organization of the handling of information as well as the appropriate use and storage of said information by Medical Translation Service (“us”, “we”, “our”).


“Information” and “data” as described on this page includes all data we store, both printed and electronic.

3.Information security management

An information management committee is established and is in charge of managing information storage plans and implementation while adhering to the information security rules.

4.Actions in case of an information leak

Should it be discovered that information has been leaked, while prioritizing damage mitigation the person responsible will be notified and actions will be taken to prevent the wrongful/criminal use of information and to prevent the leak from occurring again.


The information management committee will regularly educate the management and staff regarding information security.

6.Evaluation and review

The information management committee will regularly evaluate and review our information management based on the PDCA cycle.

Personal Information Protection Policy


Medical Translation Service (“us”, “we”, “our”) shall uphold the applicable regulations including EU data protection regulations, in regards to the appropriate handling of personal information. We shall determine what is required to uphold them, smoothly and appropriately plan and perform them, and protect the individual’s rights and profits.

2.Purpose of use

Information collected is used in order to provide, maintain, and improve our service as well as to identify individuals.

3.Limits of use outside the purpose of use

We will not use your personal information for use exceeding the aforementioned purpose of use without your prior approval.

4.Limits on data acquisition

The purpose of use will be clear when acquiring your data, and we will only use legal and fair methods to acquire it.

5.Notification of purpose of use when acquiring data

Before collecting any personal information, the purpose of use of said information shall be made clear to the person whose data will be collected.

6.Fair management of personal data

1) We, as necesary to fulfill the use of personal data, shall protect said personal data, and take appropriate measures to ensure the safe storage of the personal data, including prevention of data leaks and other damages.
2) We will swiftly and surely destroy or delete personal information for which there no longer exists a need to be stored.

7.Provision of data to third parties

We will never give your information to third parties without your consent, excepting in cases requiring the utmost urgency including, but not limited to: where it is legally required, where a life is at stake, or where required to protect an individual or assets.

8.Release of held personal data

We are able to release your personal data to you (save for a few exceptions) should we receive, written or verbally, a request from you for your personal information, and provided that at that time we were able to confirm your identity through an official identifying document.

9.Correction, addition, deletion, cease of use, etc. of personal information

We are able to take measures to correct, amend, delete, or cease using your personal data should we receive, written or verbally, a request from the person to whom personal data was released, and provided that it is within the scope required to fulfill the purpose of use.