Service FAQs

qHow do I request a quote?
aUse the “Quote/Contact Us” button at the top of the screen, or contact us via e-mail: If you are able to attach the file you want translated it will allow us to prepare a more accurate quote. We can also accept USBs or printed materials mailed or delivered in person, as well as files shared through a file sharing service. If none of these meet your needs, please contact us to discuss other options.
qHow long before I receive the finished file?
aOn average, one day of translation will yield 2-3 A4 sized pages of text. This amounts to approximately 800 words (English to Japanese) or 2400 characters (Japanese to English) translated per day.
Depending on the document and the current workload of our translators this can change, for example in larger projects the efficiency of the translation can increase allowing for more to be translated in a given day. We do our best to work with your desired delivery date, so don’t hesitate to ask.
qWhat format will I receive the file in?
aWhere it is possible to overwrite the source document, we will overwrite the source text, preserving the layout. If the file format does not allow us to overwrite it, we will create a Word file with a layout as similar as possible and insert the translation there. Please let us know if you have any specifications regarding the look of the translation.
We will send the finished file to you as an e-mail attachment, however it is possible to mail or deliver in person a printed copy or USB containing the file, or host it on a file sharing service. Please let us know if you require these or any other method of delivery not stated.
qWill you handle the layout (formatting of the document)?
aYes. The translation will closely resemble the source file when it is delivered to you. However, please note that if the layout is complicated such as involving a great many graphs or charts that need to be created an additional fee may be charged.
qHow do you calculate the price?
aThe price of the translation consists of the translation fee calculated by character (Japanese to English) or by word (English to Japanese) of the source text, as well as any additional fees such as layout. If you have any specific questions, please contact your sales representative.
qIs there a rush fee if I need an urgent translation?
aWe do our best to work with tight deadlines, and in those cases we do not charge a rush fee.
qCan I cancel an order once placed? What is the cancellation fee?
aIn the event that you no longer need the translation after placing your order, please let us know and we can cancel the order. You will be billed for all work that had been completed up until the notice of cancellation. If you wish to cancel before any work has begun, there will be no charge.
qWhat are my payment options?
aAfter delivery is complete you will be sent an invoice, please transfer the amount stated to the bank account listed on the invoice. Please note that we do not accept payment by promissory notes.
qCan you sign a non-disclosure agreement before I place my order?
aYes, we can. If you have a template you wish to use, we will sign it after it has been checked by the appropriate departments. If you do not have a specific template, we are able to provide one.
qWhat kind of translator will handle my order? Can you tell me their background?
aThe exact background varies by translator, but they are all well versed in the medical field. We are able to share a simple resume including years of experience, and specialist areas so please contact us for more details.
qCan you translate languages other than English and Japanese?
aYes, we can. We translate German, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean, and you can contact us to inquire about languages other than those listed above.
qCan you handle requests using CAT (Trados, etc.)?
aYes, we can. Please ask your representative for more details.
qI want the translation to be proofread before it’s delivered. Will that be an extra cost?
aAs part of our translating process we proofread the document before it is delivered, so there is no extra cost. Native speaker proofreading is an optional service and will incur an additional cost. We also offer proofreading as a standalone service, feel free to contact us for more information.
qCan you issue a certificate of translation?
aYes, we can. We offer certificates in English or Japanese according to your requirements.
qI have a limited budget; can you work within that?
aIf you let us know your budget beforehand we will do our best to work within that.
qCan I request the same translator as a previous order? Will that cost extra?
aIf you let us know identifying information such as our order number, the file’s name, and/or when the previous order was, we will do our best to arrange for the same translator. There will not be an extra charge.

Questions About Application

qHow do I register as a freelance translator?
aPlease use the “Apply as a partner” button below.
The results of your trial translation will determine your eligibility for registration.
qAre you accepting applications for proofreaders, layout operators, or interpreters?
aWe do accept applications at times for freelance positions other than translators. Please check our “Jobs” page for current positions.
We also sometimes have onsite positions open. There will be a notification on this website when said positions are available.

We are looking for partners to work with us.
If you are interested in working with us, please apply through the button below.

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