Medical Translation Service is
a translation agency specializing in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

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We offer translations specializing in the pharmaceutical/medical device fields.
From clinical and regulatory documents to medical journals, manuals, and documents for patients, we deliver fast and high-quality translations in the medical field. Unlike machine translation, this involves translators and proofreaders: real people producing real high-quality translations.

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Machine Translation
/ Post Editing

We offer translations using neural machine translation. We are also able to offer human post editing (a person will review and correct the machine translation's results).
Using the knowledge we've built up through years of translation, we can provide a cheaper and faster alternative while maintaining a quality translation.

Our Clients

Pharmaceutical Companies
Medical Device Manufacturers

Completed Orders

We specialize in the following:
  • Protocols
  • Clinical Study Reports
  • Investigator's Brochure
  • Informed Consent Forms
  • CTDs
  • STEDs
  • Briefing Documents
  • Scientific Rationale
  • Regulatory Consultations/Inquiries
  • Regulatory Notices
  • Clinical Trial Notifications
  • Equivalence Studies
  • Biological Safety Evaluation
  • Design Verification
  • IFUs
  • Product Catalogues
  • Interview Forms
  • CRFs (e.g., CIOMS)
  • CCDSs
  • Post Marketing Surveys
  • Statistical Analysis Plans
  • Study Contract/Amendments
  • Standardized Forms
  • Pharmacy Manual
  • eCRF Completion Guidelines
  • Monitoring Manuals
  • IDMC Charters
  • Patient Cards
  • Patient Diary
  • Sales training materials
  • Medical Presentation Materials
  • Pharmacopoeia
  • Press Releases
  • Market Research Documents
  • Website Translation
  • Newsletters
  • SOPs
  • Medical Journals/Theses
  • Referrals, Patient Charts
  • English (American, British)
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • German
  • Italian
  • Scandinavian Languages
  • Korean, etc.

We are able to handle requests in other languages/subject areas, so please don't hesitate to contact us as the need arises.

other services

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Quality Check(QC)

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Creation of Termbases/
Translation Memories

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Target Language
Native Proofreading

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From contact
to delivery

Each customer is assigned a sales representative, and from a simple e-mail inquiry through to a thorough meeting,
we swiftly and surely adapt to your needs.
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Trial Service
We offer a free trial translation for customers ordering for the first time, looking to place a large order, or looking to place an order for a long-lasting project. Let us show you the level of translation we provide.
The submitted text must be approximately 300 to 400 words for English to Japanese, or less than 800 characters for Japanese to English.
Privacy Policy
We use an NDA with regards to our business. Your data and documents are thus protected under our privacy policy.

about us

Specialists in medical translation 700 registered translators Careful proofreading after translation ISO 17100 certified High quality medical translations
Dedicated in the medical field, we deliver high quality translations.
As our name implies, we are a translation agency specializing in the medical field.
We have over 700 translators with varying backgrounds, including some who were originally doctors, pharmacists, and manufacturers.
Having translations done by a medical translation specialist, and proofread by a medical proofreading specialist results in high quality medical translations being delivered to you the customer.
To further ensure that we deliver only the highest quality work, we became ISO 17100 certified in 2016.
We strive to make sure that we deliver accurate and high-quality translations to our customers in need of medical translations.

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