Medical Translation Service Ltd. specialize in delivering highly reliable pharmaceutical, medical science, and medical device translations with quality, speed, and accuracy.

Pharmaceutical Translation, Medical Device Translation, Translation of All Fields of Medical Science,
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About our ISO 17100 Certification

We have received certification with the international standard “ISO 17100: 2015 Translation services - Requirements for translation services”.

ISO 17100 is an international standard which demonstrates that we have appropriate processes in place to deliver reliable translations.

Applicable Standard ISO 17100 : 2015 ISO 17100
Certification Number JSAT 010
Certification Date 5/9/2016
Applicable Organization Both our Tokyo Office and Osaka Office
The Scope of the
Pharmaceutical translation, medical device translation, and medical translation in general
Applicable languages English to Japanese translation, Japanese to English translation
Note: Not all translation services conform to ISO 17100.
ISO 17100 Certificate
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